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Academic Calender

2021 Academic Calender/ 2021年度行事予定

MONTH National Holiday Events, Schedule(*1) Japanese(*2) Scholarship, Tuition Exemption(*3) Dormitories(*4)
April ・29 (Showa Day)


・Entrance ceremony
・3 (S-semester classes start)
・Applications due for 

    the Japanese language

    course (S-semester)
・Japanese language

   classes start


May ・3 (Constitution   

      Memorial Day)
・4 (Greenery Day)
・5 (Children’s Day)

・Regular health checkup  (at Hongo)
・13 (Welcome Party)・May Festival  (at Hongo)
    ・Applications for admission to the Dormitory  accepted or admission in October)
June       ・Japanese Government Scholarship Students,

 various procedures for leaving Japan (for those hose awarding term exires in September)

July ・22 (Marine Day)

・23 (Sports Day)

・14 (S-semester classes finish)
・15 – 29 (Periodic examinations)
・Japanese language

classes finish


Please check the information on tuition

exemption for next term

Aug. ・9 (Mountain Day)


Sep. ・20 (Respect-for-Senior

-Citizens Day)
・23 (Autumnal Equinox Day)

 ・27 (A-semester classes start)      
Oct. ・Regular health checkup

  (at Hongo, for those who are admitted in Sep. and Oct.)

・Applications due for

 the Japanese language

 course (A-semester)
・Japanese language

classes start


Nov. ・3 (Culture Day)

・23 (Labor ThanksgivingDay)


・Komaba Festival
(at Komaba)

・18 (Welcome Party)

  ・Japanese Government Scholarship Students,

various procedures for leaving Japan (for those

whose awarding term expires in March)



      ・Applications for admission to the Dormitory accepted (for admission in April)
Jan. ・1 (New Year’s Day)

・10 (Coming-of-Age Day)

・11 (A-semester classes finish)
・Jan. 18 – 31 (Periodic examinations)
Feb. ・11 (National Foundation Day)

・23 (The Emperor’s Birthday)

  ・Japanese language classes finish


・Please check the information on tuition exemption for next term  
March ・21 (Vernal Equinox Day) ・Graduation ceremony      

*1 Schedule : The School of Law has a different schedule.
*2 Japanese : Classes at Center for Japanese Language Education
*3 Scholarship : Please check the bulletin board and web site.
*4 Dormitories : International Lodges, International Halls of Residence
Summer vacation : Jul. 30 – Sep. 26
Winter vacation : Dec. 28 – Jan. 3