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School of Law

The School of Law is one of the two graduate programs at the Graduate Schools of Law and politics and offers a Juris Doctor degree. The purpose of the program is to produce highly-skilled and principled lawyers. The program strives to create a strong ethical sense of responsibility and the intention to contribute to the state and society within these lawyers. The program also strives to nurture lawyers, who can be active in the advanced international fields. The School of Law provides a three-year program for those without prior legal education or experience and a two-year program for those with prior legal education or similar experience.


There is no special admission system for international students in the School of Law. The School of Legal and Political Studies master’s program has provisions for the special admission of foreign students and it is possible to undertake examinations in any of the three Courses of positive law, comparative, historical and theoretical studies of law, and politics. Furthermore, foreign nationals wishing to undertake research relating to special matters at the Graduate Schools for Law and Politics may be accepted to the foreign research student system. Foreign research students accepted under this system are initially enrolled for one year, with possible extension up to three years. Please note that those who completed this research program will not receive a degree or qualification even after completion. It is possible to utilize this foreign research system in order to prepare to undertake the examination for entry into the School of Legal and Political Studies master’s program.