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Law & Letters #1(Administrative Office)
Law & Letters #2
Law #3
Law #4
Hongo Sogo Building
(Law & Politics Sogo Building)
Meiji Shinbun Zasshi Bunko


Yayoi Sogo Building

Postal Address

The University of Tokyo
Faculty of Law
7-3-1 Hongo Bunkyo-ku
Tokyo 113-0033 Japan


SubwayMarunouchi Line”Hongo-sanchome” Station. 8 minutes’ walk
SubwayOedo Line “Hongo-sanchome” Station. 7 minutes’ walk
SubwayNanboku Line “Todai-mae” Station. 1 minutes’ walk
SubwayChiyoda Line “Nezu” Station. 8 minutes’ walk


Stations Route
From Ochanomizu Station.
(JR Chuo Line, JR Sobu Line)
Take the Toei Bus 茶51 for Komagome Station
South Exit or 東43 for Arakawa-dote-soshajo and get
off at Todai (Akamon-mae, Seimon-mae, Nogakubumae)
Take the Toei Bus 学07 for Tokyo Univ. and get off at
Todai (Tatsuokamon, Byoin-mae, Konai Bus Stop)
Okachimachi Station.
(JRYamanote Line, etc.)
Take the Toei Bus 都02 for Otsuka Sta. or 上69 for
Otakibashi-shako-mae and get off at Yushima-yonchome
or Hongo-sanchome.
Ueno Station
(JR Yamanote
Line, etc.)
Take the Toei Bus 学01 for Todai-konai and get off at
Todai (Tatsuokamon, Byoin-maeKonai Bus Stop)