Graduate Schools for Law and Politics Faculty of Law The University of Tokyo

Faculty Members



ASAKA Kichimoto Professor Anglo-American Law
ABE Yusuke Professor Civil Law
ARAKI Takashi Professor Labor Law, Employment Law


Ken Endo Professor International Politics


FUKUMOTO Kentaro Professor Political Methodology
FUJITA Tomotaka Professor Commercial Law


Tatsushi Genka Professor History of Medieval Canon Law
GOTO Gen Professor Commercial Law, corporate law


HASHIZUME Takashi Professor Criminal Law
HATA Mizuho Professor Civil Procedure
HARATA Hisashi Professor International Private Law, Conflict of Laws
HIGUCHI Ryosuke Professor Criminal Law
HISHIDA Yukyo Professor Civil Procedure
HIRATA Ayako Associate professor Law & Society
HIRANO Satoshi Professor Asian Political and Diplomatic History


IIDA Keisuke Professor International Political Economy
IIDA Hidefusa Professor Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Securities Regulation
IOKIBE Kaoru Professor Political and Diplomatic History of Japan
ISHIKAWA Kenji Professor Constitutional Law
ITABASHI Takumi Professor History of International Politics
ITO Kazuyori Professor International Law; International Economic Law
ITO Yoichi Professor European Law


KAKIUCHI Shusuke Professor Civil Procedure, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Insolvency
KASAGI Eri Professor Social Security Law
KATO Junko Professor Political Science
KATO Takahito Professor Commercial Law
KANAI Toshiyuki Professor Municipal Government and Administration
Takehiro KANEKO Associate professor Copyright Law, Entertainment Law, Sports Law
KAMO Akira Professor Civil Law
KARUBE Tadashi Professor Political Thought in Japan
KAWAIDE Toshihiro Professor Penal Law
KAWADE Yoshie Professor History of Western Political Thought
KANKI Chikako Professor Labour Law, Employment Law
KITAJIMA Shusaku Professor Administrative Law
KITAJIMA Ryozo Professor Criminal Law and Procedure
KOHYAMA Hiroyuki Professor Tax Law, Taxation
KOJIMA Shinji Professor Constitutional Law


Phillip Y. LIPSCY Professor International Relations, International Political Economy, Japanese Politics and Foreign Policy
LI Hao Associate Professor Comparative Politics, Chinese Politics and Diplomacy
Carol LAWSON Associate Professor Anglo-American Law; Japanese Law; Comparative Law, Law and Society, Criminal Justice Regulation (Prisons and Probation)


MAEDA Kentaro professor Public Administration
MASUI Yoshihiro Professor Tax Law, Taxation
MASUMI Junko Professor International Business Law
Matsui Tomoyo Professor corporate law, commercial transaction, monetary/securities regulation
MATSUZATO Kimitaka Professor History and politics in post-socialist countries
MATSUBARA Kentaro Professor Oriental Legal History
MORI Tadashi Professor International Law
MORITA Hiroki Professor Civil Law
MOROZUMI Yoshiaki Professor Islamic Law


NAKAHARA Taro Professor Civil Law
NAKAYAMA Yohei Professor European Political History
NARUSE Go Associate professor Criminal Procedure
NITTA Ichiro Professor Japanese Legal History


OTA Masahiko Professor Administrative Law
OHNISHI Nami Thea Associate Professor German Law
OBUCHI Tetsuya Professor Intellectual Property Law
OKINO Masami Professor Civil Law


SAITO Tetsushi professor French Law
SAITO Makoto Professor Law of Selfgovernment
SAKAI Tomohiro Associate Professor Japanese Legal History
SAKAIYA Shiro Professor Japanese Politics
SHISHIDO George Professor Constitutional Law, Comparative Constitutional Law, Information Law
SHIRAISHI Tadashi Professor Competition Law
SHIROYAMA Hideaki Professor Public Administration
Suizu Taro Professor Civil Law


Takikawa Hirohide Professor Philosophy of Law
TAKIZAWA Sayako Professor Competition Law
Taguchi Masaki Professor Western Legal History
TATSUMI Tomohiko Associate Professor Administrative Law
TANABE Kuniaki Professor Policy Studies
TANIGUCHI Masaki Professor Japanese Politics
TAMARUYA Masayuki Professor comparative law, trust law, civil procedure, constitutional law, sports law
TAMURA Yoshiyuki Professor Intellectual Property Law
TERAYA Koji Professor International Law, International Human Rights Law
TOKI Masahito Associate Professor Labor Law, Employment Law


UCHIUMI Hirotoshi Professor Civil Procedure
UMEKAWA Takeshi Professor American Political History, American Politics
UMEBAYASHI Kei Professor Corporate Law, Compliance, Crisis Management


Simon A.W. VANDE WALLE Professor Competition law
Dimitri VANOVERBEKE professor Sociology of Law


WADA Toshinori Professor Criminal Law
WANI Akira Associate professor Legal History of Modern Japan


YAMAMOTO Ryuji Professor Administrative Law
YONEMURA Shigeto Professor Civil Law, Medical Law